Energy Audit

The Objective of this activity is to find any opportunities for savings on overall energy user equipment in processes to assess the cost benefit ratio for its implementation:

  1. Preparation
    Develop an implementation plan: the implementation schedule, questionnaires cretion, team building, the provision of the necessary measurement tools, and readiness in the field including the administration.
  2. Field Survey
    Identifying Management of Energy in the organization, primary or secondary data collection and verification, and clarifying the results of the survey.
  3. Data Analysis
    Implementation analysis of energy management systems, primary and secondary data, savings opportunities, in order to get a performance improvement of equipment energy users.
  4. Reporting
    Output which is obtained are: the Energy Use Intensity, variables related to energy consumption, energy distribution pattern from sources to users of energy equipment, energy cost center and significant energy users, energy user equipment performance and the factors that affect the efficiency of the equipment.