Enerco Nusantara has its own characteristic where in every audit activity done, Enerco Nusantara will always penetrate a “Energy Wise Virus” which is specifically align with company policy, so the energy consumption will be sufficient according to the need and considering its functionality consistently and continuously.

Wise energy usage can be achieved by approaching of Integrated and Powerful Energy Optimization. It is an energy audit program which is integrated with energy management system, so the monitoring of continuous energy saving program can be done easily.

The main three pillars in Integrated and Powerful Energy Optimization :

  1. Data-Driven Energy Efficiency
    To identify variables which dominate energy consumption.
  2. Strategic Energy Management
    To implement energy efficiency model based on ISO 50001 to gain continous energy saving program.
  3. Energy Efficiency Plan
    To arrange energy efficiency program plan to equipment and process according to company requirement.