Energy Audit with Base Line Process

Energy Audit


The audit which covers Energy Audit, Steam Distribution Audit, Emission Audit and Power Audit will be done with objectives as below:

  • To evaluate the performance of energy consumer and energy generator facilities in order to get the figure of their efficiency.
  • To evaluate the steam quality and its distribution system to calculate optimizing potential which covers: piping insulation and steam trap management.
  • To calculate stake gas emission which is released by system.
  • To evaluate power quality of electricity which covers: current unbalanced, voltage unbalanced, voltage stability when there is shock load, power factor, and Total Harmonic Distortion (voltage and current).
  • To analyze and calculate the heat load in buildings and offices based on: Overall Thermal Transfer Value (OTTV), Cooling System and Lighting System


Energy Management System Training


To give course to Energy Management Team which is formed by company to keep the program sustain and company will run the process with optimum energy usage.

Energy Audit for Equipment


The objective is to get the figure of energy consumption performance of equipment which use energy in significant amount such as: Boiler, Compressor, Power Generator and Heat Exchanger

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